Shock experience for Baerbock during the UN conference in New York

Annalena Baerbock on her way to the German House in New York.

Annalena Baerbock on her way to the German House in New York. Image: / imago images

A few days ago, Annalena Baerbock traveled to New York City for the UN Nuclear Weapons Conference. The goals of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty were to be discussed there two years ago, but the conference could not take place due to the pandemic.

Despite the currently tense world situation – war against Ukraine, inflation and conflicts in many countries – Annalena Baerbock wants to continue to work for nuclear disarmament. However, this year’s nuclear weapons conference started with a moment of shock for the Federal Foreign Minister.

Car rammed by Annalena Baerbock

That was on the second day of her New York trip automobile the Foreign Minister involved in an accident. As “RTL” reported, Baerbock was not in the car at the time of the accident. She is said to have got out just before the driver was supposed to park, and then it happened: A Pressebus, who was accompanying them, rammed the armored car – and also left some damage. A The RTL reporter then described the Chrysler as “fairly damaged”, and the photos show a heavily dented front.

The minister did not seem to be deterred by the accident: on the same day, Baerbock gave a speech on the principles of transatlantic relations. There she acknowledged German participation in nuclear deterrence, but also advocated further disarmament. In view of the expansion of Iran’s nuclear program and the previous nuclear threats from Russia and North Korea this is not a contradiction in these times.

Similar situation already in Riga

A similar thing happened to the Foreign Minister just a few months ago: In April, while she was in Riga, a press bus collided with her car, but no one was injured in the impact. According to “RTL”, however, the bus was severely damaged.


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