Shock in La Plata for the death of a 16-year-old boy while working

A 16-year-old teenager died this Saturday in La Plata after decompensating while working in a coal shop. His co-workers, upon detecting what was happening, tried to help him and even transferred him to a hospital where, however, they could do nothing to save his life.

The tragedy took place in a coal shop that works at 140 and 515 de Melchor Romero, where the teenager Diego Facundo Goni, he was working. Police sources indicated that after breaking down, the young man was transferred to the San Roque de Gonnet Hospital, where he died.

Witnesses to the event indicated that the young man fainted in a coal sales trade and was taken to the hospital by a co-worker.

According to the sources in that care center, resuscitation maneuvers were carried out for almost an hour, until his death was finally confirmed.

In the case, personnel from the 14th Police Station intervened and a case was initiated for “investigation of causes of death”.

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