Shock over the death of a worker at the Aguas plant

A ASSA workera native of Rosario, he died yesterday in one of the cisterns at the Rafaela plant. According to him, he would have been trapped and would have drowned.

“There was a job that we had announced that had as its center the pumping of the Esperanza aqueduct, which carries Rafaela water, in the Bella Italia area. The valve was going to be changed and, in order to do this, the team of divers from the company that is from the city of Rosario. There was an accident at work and one of the divers was trapped in one of the tanks“he explained German Nesiercompany spokesperson chain OH!

“They are taking action on the matter, we are waiting for the expert opinion they are doing,” he said regarding the investigation carried out by the justice system. The Criminal Investigation Agency worked on the spot. An autopsy will be performed on the worker.

As it was known, there was a fatal labor accident in one of the tanks found in Bv. Irigoyen and Marchini. According to the first information, this person was carrying out maneuvers when his hand would have been trapped with a lidwhich had high pressure.

His partner quickly called for help. The protocols were activated and the ambulances, patrol cars and police cars arrived. Firefighters with tactical diver training were submerged in the tanker, to which the water level had to be lowered, in order to rescue it. Two of them ended up with hypothermia. Unfortunately, the body of a worker from Rosario was found, but lifeless.

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