Shocking news for the pop star – Britney has lost her ‘Miracle Baby’

What a tragedy!

Britney Spears (40) gained her freedom last year and married her longtime partner Sam Ashghari (28). In addition, Britney became pregnant. But now the sad news: you have lost the child.

“It is with great sadness that we announce that we lost our miracle baby early in pregnancy,” the two wrote in a joint post on Instagram.

► Britney writes “Miracle Baby” – actually a baby born less than 37 weeks into the baby. Here Britney could also mean the fact that she is in her 40th year, which is critical for the pregnancy, or that she experienced the miracle of pregnancy after her long guardianship.

As recently as April, Britney had announced the news of the pregnancy. It continues: “This is a devastating time for all parents.”

Britney and Sam apparently blame themselves for going public with the pregnancy at all: “Maybe we should have waited a bit before announcing it, but we were too excited to share the good news.”

It’s almost too bad to be true… but Britney and Sam also find positive words. The two continue: “Our love for us is our great strength.” They don’t want to give up baby making!

“We will move on and expand our beautiful family. We are grateful for your support. In this difficult time we ask for privacy. Sam & Britney.”

You need to look ahead now…

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