Shooting at a car in central Hässleholm

The alarm came in at 1:30 p.m. and when the police arrived at the scene, no injured persons, plaintiffs or perpetrators were found.

A moment later, the picture had cleared up a bit.

– We have spoken to a number of witnesses on the spot and what is known is that shots have been fired at a vehicle in which at least one person was, says Evelina Olsson, press spokesperson for the police.

“Doesn’t have either party”

According to the police, no one has made it to the hospital with injuries.

Is there a suspect?

– No, we do not have either party. We just know it happened. But the work is ongoing and it will probably be clear during the day, says Evelina Olsson.

The shooting is said to have occurred at Godtemplaregatan/Fisktorget, but the shot car is said to have driven away from the scene and was subsequently found on Kungsgatan, according to the police.

An area in central Hässleholm has now been cordoned off.

The police are investigating the shooting as attempted murder. Photo: Jens Christian Andersson

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