“Should check again after Photoshop”: Netz scoffs at Simone Ballack’s dirndl photo

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You have to look twice at this Oktoberfest snapshot: Simone Ballack seems to have cheated her legs longer. The fans don’t like it at all.

Munich – Simone Ballack (46) has had difficult times: In August 2021, her second eldest son Emilio Ballack († 18) died in a quad accident in Portugal. After the stroke of fate, the ex-wife of football legend Michael Ballack (45) hardly appeared in public. Simone has only been seen regularly at events for a few months. The entrepreneur did not miss the Munich Oktoberfest either. However, a joint dirndl photo with presenter Alessandra Geissel (40) was her undoing.

Simone Ballack affords a Photoshop fail at the Oktoberfest

“First day of the Oktoberfest,” Simone wrote next to the snapshot showing the two women arm in arm in front of a gingerbread booth. The two friends beam into the camera and seem to be enjoying the Oktoberfest visit. So far, so good – were it not for a small irregularity that attentive followers quickly noticed. “One should check the image again after Photoshop,” noted one user. Another scoffed: “Well, who was that working on the legs?”

Simone Ballack defends Photoshop fail

In fact, the photo appears to have been stretched at one point. This fact was not well received by the followers. “Simone was trying to make her legs longer and slimmer, period,” she was criticized. Elsewhere it said: “The fact that it has been worked on is clearly evident on the floor and behind the feet. Zoom in and see, for all those who let themselves be dazzled here. It’s embarrassing, because she doesn’t have to.”

In the meantime, Simone Ballack has commented on the faux pas herself and gives an amazing explanation for her Photoshop glitch.

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