Should comic book heroes survive their creators?

“Finally? ! » Some of the aficionados of Franco-Belgian comics let out the bewildered cry of Gaston Lagaffe when they learned that the Dupuis editions intended to entrust the continuation of the adventures of the blunderer in espadrilles to the Quebec designer Delaf. It’s that the inventor of Gaston, André Franquin, who died in 1997, had expressly stated that he did not want his (anti-)hero to continue his life without him – the designer’s daughter is also taking Dupuis to court to prevent him from going after his idea. . Should we, can we betray the wishes of a genius of this caliber?

Beyond the “case” Gaston raises the question of the survival of the most famous heroes of the ninth art: Asterix without Goscinny and UderzoCorto Maltese without Hugo Pratt, Alix without Jacques Martin, Achille Talon without Greg, are they anything other than remakes more or less successfulintended above all to enrich their publishers?

The question is legitimate, but it should not fall into the simplistic either. Because, like any hero of pop culture, the hero of comics also exists, especially with young readers, when he has a “topicality”, that is to say when new albums in which he appears come out. A Gaston, an Asterix, a Lucky Luke frozen in the status of icons of the heritage of comics (much like Tintin) do they not risk, in the long term, being promised to oblivion? It would be an unforgivable loss for the youth of our country, by Toutatis!

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