Show: Valentina and Cheyenne Phade walk on “Holiday on Ice”

Together with figure skater Joti Polizoakis, the actor twins Cheyenne and Valentina Pahde will perform with “Holiday on Ice” from November.

Four years ago they made their debut on a “Holiday on Ice” show. Now the twins Cheyenne and Valentina Pahde are back and step on black ice in nine tour cities for the new show “A New Day”.

At a press conference, the actresses told our editorial team that they have been enthusiastic visitors to “Holiday on Ice” in Munich since they were three. So the dream for the 27-year-old was born early.

TV stars phade on the ice

Cheyenne and Valentina Pahde are known from the television series “GZSZ” and “Alles was geht”, and they learned figure skating at an early age. They are trained and complemented during their performance at the big ice show by the figure skater Joti Polizoakis, who has won multiple German ice dancing championships and even took part in the Winter Olympics in 2018.

The Pahde twins appear in the cities of Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin and Dortmund. In Grefrath and Rostock only Cheyenne Pahde is there.

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