Showdown between Kylian Mbappé and the FFF: Daniel Riolo defends the player

Upset at having to associate his image with certain sponsors, Kylian Mbappé threatened to boycott a marketing operation planned with the Blues. The FFF immediately reacted by responding favorably to his concerns. Mad with rage, Daniel Riolo (RMC) applauds the player and defeats the Federation.

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It finally took pressure from Kylian Mbappé for the FFF to bend. Yesterday afternoon, while the France team is gathered in Clairefontaine to prepare for its last two Nations League matches against Austria and then Denmark, the 23-year-old striker said he would not participate. to a commercial operation, scheduled for Tuesday. In the wake of his claims last March, the football star does not intend to associate his image with certain brands. Problem: these are major sponsors who have been following the Blues for several years. To deal with this situation, the entourage of the teammate of Neymar and Messi at PSG had asked that the Federation renegotiate the agreement which binds the players called up for selection to certain marketing imperatives. But its president Noël le Graët had retorted that it was not the moment, and that things would not change before the World Cup in Qatar was disputed.

Daniel Riolo understands Kylian Mbappé’s annoyance

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Kylian Mbappé thus judged that only the slingshot could advance his situation. And the institution preferred to give in. In an official press release relayed at the start of the evening, this Monday, September 19, she finally indicates that she accedes to the requests of her star. In particular, we can read: “The FFF is delighted to work on the outlines of a new agreement which will enable it to ensure its interests while taking into consideration the concerns and legitimate convictions unanimously expressed by the players”. End of the showdown, but no hot reactions. For Daniel Riolo, this blaze is not at all the responsibility of the player. He initially recalled, on the air of the show After Foot on RMC: “He never challenged this convention for a question of sorrel, he does not want more money for him. What he wants is to control his image (…) Rightly or wrongly. I think he has the right.

“He’s been asking for months to be received and talk about this!”

Then, in a surge of anger rising crescendo, Géraldine Maillet’s companion ended up firing red bullets at Noël le Graët and his henchmen. He drops: “The real problem is that this Federation is not well kept. It’s been four years since they asked, why was there never a discussion? He has been asking for months to be received and to be able to talk about this. And there are plenty of players who agree with him. But he takes a door in the mouth. So what does he do? Boycott, he does not go to the photo. And them, they are so bogus, they make a press release 45 minutes later to say that it’s good, they will discuss now. They’re the dummies, it’s not Mbappé! They had only to discuss before!

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