Shui On Office signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IWG Group to launch innovative hybrid office solutions

Shui On Office, an office brand that has been focusing on “value creation” for a long time, has recently reached a strategic partnership with IWG Group on the hybrid office field. This industry’s first strong alliance will use the mixed office concept that is sweeping the world today, empower local partners and corporate users, promote the development of the mixed office model in the Chinese market, help the high-quality development of the commercial office industry, and create more sustainable value.

The strategic cooperation between Shui On Office and IWG Group, relying on the rich office network and product portfolio of both parties, helps Shui On Office corporate tenants to join the hybrid office model in a phased manner, and jointly launches the Hybrid Easy experience plan and Hybrid Solution Enterprise hybrid office solution. This cooperation aims to provide more partners with a hybrid model of “centralized headquarters office + flexible distributed office + free home office”, so as to better adapt to the current new normal and inject inexhaustible development momentum.

Embrace change and jointly create the future trend of hybrid office

Wang Hong, General Manager of Shui On Xintiandi Commercial Management (Office), said: “Shui On Office has nearly 25 years of experience in the development and operation of office projects. During the years of operation, we have observed the changes brought about by the hybrid office to the current office model, and at the same time implemented a series of Smart office products are the core foundation. Shui On Office has been trying to broaden the new boundary of mixed office. As a leader in the trend of mixed office, this strategic cooperation with IWG Group for mixed office services is also going smoothly. We hope to join hands with IWG Group Play the role of industry benchmark, create more sustainable value for corporate tenants, and hope to join forces with more industry partners in the future, express their own strengths, and work together to lead the future office trend.”

Shui On Office and IWG Group jointly launched the Hybrid Easy experience plan, aiming to empower Shui On corporate tenants to explore the new future of hybrid office. During this period, tenants with rights and interests will be able to easily enjoy access to more than 120 flexible office centers under the IWG Group. At the same time, Shui On Office will integrate more flexible office products to provide customers with more diverse Hybrid Solution mixed office solutions.

Shui On Office × IWG Group jointly launched the Hybrid Solution enterprise hybrid office solution

Hu Mao, President of IWG Group China, said: “We attach great importance to the strategic cooperation with Shui On Office. We have previously cooperated in many projects such as Hongqiao Tiandi. In order to adapt to the changing trend of the market, our two companies in the development and service of office real estate Leading companies have coincided with each other and jointly launched innovative flexible office products, setting a benchmark for the industry and showing the vigorous vitality of the local flexible office industry. This cooperation will further deepen the relationship between IWG Group and Shui On Office, and the two parties will also discuss Possibility to interconnect Ryan’s flexible office floors with IWG’s global network of office spaces.”

Persevere in laying a solid foundation for hybrid office

As an office business management brand under Shui On Xintiandi, Shui On Office always focuses on the user’s experience and develops office products from a forward-looking, people-oriented perspective, which is different from the traditional product development thinking that focuses on space and is project-oriented. In recent years, there have been systematic changes in the demands of corporate tenants and employees for office space. Shui On Office knows that diversified and flexible professional office space that can meet business needs is always the core basis for the realization of hybrid office.

Since 2018, Shui On Office has taken the lead in launching a flexible office product matrix: WORKX SOCIAL with both social and business atmosphere, open and experimental WORKX LAB, modular office solution WORKX NOW, and WORKX CAMP to try camping office out of the cubicle. Fully meet the flexible office needs of different groups of people.

The new cooperation under the new normal is also a new starting point, which represents Shui On Office’s continuous deepening of SERVICE+, one of its three major brand pillars, to provide customers with diversified and refined office services and help create more value. Shui On Office will continue to accurately capture the development needs of corporate tenants with keen insight. In the future, it plans to work with more industry partners to develop a new hybrid office model that is more flexible, more economical, and greener.

About Ryan Office

Shui On Office | SHUI ON WORKX is an office business service brand under Shui On Xintiandi. At present, Shui On Office has nearly 25 years of experience in the development and operation of office projects, manages nearly 2 million square meters of urban core office projects nationwide, and provides services for more than 1,100 well-known domestic and foreign companies.

Shui On Office provides customer-oriented innovative office solutions, and builds a three-in-one integration model of SPACE+ (multiple spaces), SERVICE+ (full service), and VALUE+ (sustainable efficiency enhancement), creating a functional and aesthetic environment for the settled enterprises. Work scenes, bringing efficiency improvements and an office experience that inspires imagination.

About IWG

As the world’s largest creator of flexible office space, IWG Group has always been committed to creating the most cutting-edge and most flexible office space, providing a variety of flexible office options around the world. Its brands include Regus, Spaces, HQ, No 18, Basepoint, Openoffice, and Signature. Helping millions of people and the businesses they work in be more productive by providing professional, inspiring and collaborative workspaces, community and services.

IWG Group currently operates in more than 1,100 cities and regions in more than 120 countries. IWG Group has been successfully operating in China for 27 years. At present, it has introduced flexible office brands including Regus, Spaces and HQ in 30 cities and regions across the country, and opened more than 120 centers, covering a wide range of products. and services.

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