ShuraKRGT shows us some striking fan art of Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers

darkstalkersis one of the most striking 2D fighting video game sagas of the arcade era in the Video Game Industry, and it is that with its theme gothic-horror produced by Capcom During the 1990s, it earned the affection of a large number of players around the world, although the theme also lends itself to ending up scaring us one or two thanks to the design of its characters.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that some truly talented fans have surprised us with amazing tributes to their favorite characters from the Capcom saga, so today it takes a leading role in a fan art that highlights one of the most interesting points. scary female character Morrigan Aenslandin which more than one fan will be surprised at first sight, taking into account how dangerous it can be to be close to her.

Best of all, a talented artist has decided to dedicate one of his creations to this beautiful fighter and presents us with a version of the anti-heroine never seen before in video games that is the protagonist along with Demitri Maximoffwhere we would surely end up in a not so favorable ending considering how dangerous she is.

The Morrigan enjoys great popularity among fans of 2D fighting games due to her voluptuous and dark appearance. This fan art was made by the talented artist, ShuraKRGT and published in his official account of DeviantArtwhere she has shown us how beautiful this Capcom anti-heroine is.

We can see how more than one fan of the saga is breathless when seeing this amazing fan art, which presents us with Morrigan Aensland in a High-res version style. For those of you who aren’t too into the iconic fighting game series, Morrigan Aensland is a woman with a lovely figure. She appears as a beautiful woman with long light green hair, and bat-like style wings on both her back and the sides of her head.

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