Sick leave for depression: you have to pay attention to this

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Mental illnesses are just like physical illnesses to take seriously. They require urgent treatment, which is why depression-related sick leave can also become necessary. These pointers can help you resolve the matter pleasant for you to design.

Tips and notes on sick leave

The symptoms of depression express themselves differently from person to person and are differently pronounced. This can, in some cases, make it difficult to obtain sick leave for depression. However, do you recognize symptoms such as depression, listlessness, lack of interest or typical secondary symptoms such as self-doubt and self-reproach, difficulty concentrating, sleep disorders and an extreme need for sleep, states of extreme restlessness or a loss of libido in you, you should do not hesitate to seek medical advice. This can also help you to improve your mental health when looking for psychological support. Otherwise you can via online portals look for a psychologist so that you can get help as quickly as possible.

As with any other illness, you will receive your sick leave after your diagnosis GP or specialist also from this*m. Alternatively you can telemedicine issue you such a sick note if you find it difficult to make your way to a practice. One way of establishing contact with a medical assistant is, for example TeleClinic. The staff can also help you to find a therapy place.

How long you are on sick leave depends on the individual course of your illness. If you are suffering from a very severe depression, it is possible that you will no longer be able to work permanently. If you have received sick leave, you must inform your employer about your loss of work as usual and afterwards submit a certificate of incapacity for work. You must have a reason for illness Only submit if it is operationally relevant; accordingly, you are not obliged to state depression as a reason to your employer. Basically you can six weeks be sick every year without fear of losing your job; you will receive one in time continued payment of wages. At the end of the six weeks, you will receive sick pay, which usually corresponds to around 70% of your salary. If you suspect you will be sick for more than six weeks a year, you could Advice from the company doctor request. Depending on your case, you can discuss whether you have to fear losing your job or whether the situation can be regulated differently.

About depression: facts and figures

Depression is not uncommon: only in Germany around 8.2% of adult Germans (18 – 79 years) once in her life from a depressive disorder. This corresponds to 5.3 million people. As with any other illness, it may be necessary for you to take sick leave. From the BKK Health Report 2020 shows that in the field of mental illnesses, the depressive episode is the leading cause of sick leave for both men and women. According to the studies, depression diagnoses do not occur frequently, but they do point to each case very high lost days on. Depending on the severity of the depression, eight to nine calendar weeks of downtime can occur.

Although mental illnesses such as depression are not uncommon, many shy away from getting sick leave. The reason for this is that they are afraid of negative consequences – after all, the field of mental illness is still often stigmatized today.

Before taking sick leave for depression, you should no fear have: After all, it is a very serious mental illness that even life-threatening forms can accept. Noisy German Depression Aid depression is considered the leading cause of suicide; In Germany alone, around 9,200 people die by suicide every year. It is important for those affected to seek professional help and, if necessary, to obtain sick leave.


Basically, depression, like any other illness, needs one treatment by a medical specialist. Because of this, you should never feel ashamed or hesitate to seek help and call in sick. How long the sick leave is, can not be generalized, but depends entirely on the individual diagnosis away. If you don’t want your employer to find out about your depression, you can get one neutral sick note catch up.

By the way: Corona has also led to an increase in depression diagnoses.

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