SIFU on PS4 and PS5: the latest update made it easier to get Platinum

Anyone who has played IT WAS on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 he knows very well how difficult it is to unlock every single trophy and thus obtain the coveted Platinum. However, it would seem that this undertaking is now within everyone’s reach.

If you have encountered any problems in trying to ‘platinum’ the Sloclap title due to the high level of challenge, in fact, know that it could be worth recovering. A few days ago, in fact, a free update of SIFU was published which is not limited to introducing a easy difficulty level, but integrates it seamlessly into the gaming economy. This means that unlike what we have seen in other products with the addition of extra challenge levels, it is possible to unlock every single trophy even by playing on the most accessible difficulty. Put simply, being able to get SIFU Platinum on PlayStation consoles is now an undertaking within the reach of most players and not just the few users who have perfectly mastered the secrets of the combat system. Furthermore, for the uninitiated, the patch also introduced a series of additional skins and a difficult mode.

Before you run away to re-download the game, we remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you can also find the review of SIFU.

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