SIFU wants to test you: no difficulty selector at launch

After confirming that SIFU will come out earlier than previously announced, the developers of Sloclap, former authors of Absolver, are back to discuss SIFU, the new martial arts action game.

During a recent interview, Sloclap addressed thedifficulty topic, confirming how the title will aim at put players to the test who will immerse themselves in this story of revenge. In order to overcome the obstacles that will arise from time to time, the players will be called to master the combat system, to become true kung-fu masters.

“We want Sifu to challenge the players and encourage them to learn, improve e to adapt. The ability to rise from the dead will help new players by allowing them to fail and try again and again when they encounter difficulties. But the price of their mistakes will rise rapidly and to complete the game in its entirety they will have to master the combat system. “

For these reasons, a difficulty selector will not be included at launch, but Sloclap reserves the right to implement it at a later time. It has also been confirmed that, with the right amount of skill and knowledge of gameplay mechanics, the game can be completed without dying and avoiding that our protagonist grows old with each resurrection.

Sifu will be available fromDecember 8 on PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. For further information on the new title of the authors of Absolver, we refer you to our Preview of Sifu.

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