Signal from América TV and Canal N falls and surprises viewers: “Everything is frozen”

OH, NO! The signal of América TV and Canal N went down. Twitter users reported this unusual event through the social network.

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This abrupt cut occurred on the night of May 10 —before 7:30 pm— America TV was broadcasting the reality show “This is war”, while Canal N was broadcasting the program “Hour and thirty”.

“What happened to the América TV signal?”, “Canal N and América TV do not exist” and “Everything is frozen”, were the reports of some users on Twitter.

Willax TV’s signal also went down in April

On Wednesday night, April 13, the Willax TV signal went down while the program “Beto a Saber” was being broadcast, hosted by Beto Ortiz.

Faced with this, the journalists of said television medium spoke about it through their social networks.

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