Silent Hill and PS5, a new leak image appears: is Hideo Kojima behind it?

Now transformed into a real videogame telenovela, the age-old question of the actual existence of a new chapter in the series of silent Hill now develops in a further episode.

The responsibility once again lies with the mysterious images released by Dusk Golem, a well-known videogame insider passionate about horror titles who was among the first to report on the commitment of Konami in making a new one silent Hill. Initially cost him the blocking of the account on Twitter, the latter were in fact shared again by the user, who decided to add an unreleased shot to the choir.

The latter, specifically, immortalizes in the foreground the face of a young girl. And the identity of the latter has now ended up calling into question Hideo Kojima. Many observers have in fact linked the female face to that of an actress engaged in a motion capture session at the Kojima Productions studios during last November 2021. As you can verify from the Tweet available below, the similarity between the two women is undeniable. , but not to the point where one can say with certainty that they are the same person. The simple doubt, however, was enough to unleash a new series of hypotheses linked to an effective rapprochement between Hideo Kojima and Konami, aimed at reviving the unfortunate project. Silent Hills.

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