Silent Hill with Resident Evil? Wronged Us announced with tense trailer

A Delusional Studio, an independent developer, announced the title Wronged Us, which is a new horror game. With a first trailer that is extremely disturbing, Wronged Us has been confirmed to PC and consoles, due for release only in 2023.

According to the developers, the game will have a strong focus on narrative and will also be a cinematic journey. As the trailer indicates, the title will have a heavy and frightening atmosphere. Check out the trailer below.

Wronged Us promises to be a disturbing terror

Promising to be a disturbing game, Wronged Us will be a game where the player will need explore a small town in search of answers, while trying to solve mysteries and facing creatures that appear along the way. With psychological horror elements, survival horror has inspiration from different franchises, according to the developers.

Dark Souls, Silent Hill e Resident Evil were cited as titles that served as inspiration for the new horror title. Check out a text from Delusional Studio below.

“The design of open world quests and NPCs is inspired by Dark Souls. You won’t have any interface telling you where to go or if you’ve started, finished or failed a side quest. The story, settings and atmosphere are inspired by Silent Hill, while gameplay and game mechanics come from Resident Evil”

Also featuring puzzle that will require reasoning from the player, the title will allow a free exploration of the city, with the possibility to interact with NPCs. However, the project is still at an early stage, which explains the distant forecast for launch.

According to developers, the trailer was assembled with different versions of the title. Characters and scenarios should even be improved for the next demonstration of the game.

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