"Silver lining on the horizon": Wangerooge celebrates midsummer time

Whether evening mudflat hikes or morning gymnastics on the beach: At midsummer there are special activities for guests and islanders on Wangerooge. This also has to do with a phenomenon in the evening sky.

In keeping with midsummer, Wangerooge turns night into day. This week, the East Frisian island has special offers for sun-seekers, for whom the summer days on the island just can’t be long enough.

Above all, experiencing nature is the focus of the midsummer program for islanders and guests, said the spokeswoman for the spa administration Rieka Beewen. Because the sunrises and sunsets at midsummer are fantastic. Planned are mudflat hikes into the sunset, a midsummer night sauna and early morning gymnastics on the beach.

The idea for the series of events, which has been around for several years, came to the islanders when they looked out at the North Sea from the beach promenade at midsummer, said Beewen. “There’s a silver lining on the horizon for most of the night.” If the conditions are good, the nightly shipping traffic and the clear, dark starry sky can also be observed from the island.

This year, the action week will take place again on a larger scale for the first time after a two-year break during the corona pandemic, said Beewen. An open-air festival next Sunday (June 26) marks the end.

The summer solstice too
midsummer marks the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer in the calendar. The sun then reaches its northernmost point above the earth and at midday its highest point of the year. Midsummer solstice celebrations are among the oldest customs in the world and are particularly alive in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

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