Single Ballot, Magistracy and Rents: the projects that are debated today in Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies debate today in committees three projects with contrary positions between the ruling party and the opposition, among them: the Single Ballot, the reform of the Council of the Magistracy and the modification of the Rent Law.

In this framework, after 132 votes, the deputy of the PRO Silvia Lopennato achieved in the last session in the Chamber of Deputies the location of the Constitutional Affairs, Justice and Budget commissions to deal with the establishment of the Single Ballot. It should be noted that this initiative in the lower house has the approval of Together for Change, while the Front of All has not agreed.

The Single Ballot project is promoted by the opposition.

The treatment of the Single Ticket in the Chamber of Deputies started today around 10. From Together for Change, they propose that from this system greater transparency, simplicity and democratization of suffrage will be granted since combinations of crossed votes can be made. For the opposition with the sheet lists, the cut of the ballot is not promoted.

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