Six basic steps to integrate TikTok into your business

TikTok is a social network of Chinese origin, focused on the audiovisual format with powerful and useful tools for content creators who, without much effort, make use of augmented reality technologies in a playful environment to obtain products that are easy to viralize. In 2021, according to the Havas Group study, it was concluded that 49% of Peruvians who browse social networks have this application installed on their smartphone, becoming an important alternative for entrepreneurs to connect with a larger audience.

On TikTok, entrepreneurs have an environment conducive to establishing close bonds and interaction with their target audience. In addition, the ease of the audience to find content through the ‘For you’ section will be very useful if your material is related to the user’s interests. A trend that the entrepreneur should take into account, to decide on TikTok, is that the volume of searches within the same app increased and it is estimated that it could become a serious rival to Google”, commented Lic. Victor Cachay, professor of the Community Manager program of the Carrión Institute.

Specialist advises analyzing the presence of your competitors on TikTok, what are the trends in the sector and discover the unsatisfied needs. (Photo: Pixabay)

Basic guidelines to integrate Tik Tok into your business

In this sense, the Continuing Education specialist explains that TikTok is a social network that is constantly growing, so it is important to have the basic guidelines to be able to integrate it into a business. To do this, he gives us six steps to start in this application and thus generate a greater reach:

  • Define your goals and ideal client: Determine the goals and milestones you want to accomplish with your brand’s presence on TikTok. Create profiles of your niche client, this will help you when selecting topics, publication times and, most importantly, if they consume this social network.
  • Establish the content pillars: They are the key topics that will stand out to you, here you must take into account that these columns are part of the reason for the business and will be present in the content you generate.
  • Study your competition: Analyze the presence of your competitors on TikTok, what are the trends in the sector and discover the unsatisfied needs, this will help you to have greater clarity when addressing your target audience.
  • Strategize and plan: Formulate creative strategies that will allow you to meet your goals in this social network. In addition, it will be useful to have a publication calendar and the planning of your content so that you can stay aligned with your initial goals.
  • Create and optimize your account: After registering on TikTok, carefully configure the username and profile picture, according to the line of communication of your business. Similarly, design an attractive biography and include the link to your business website.
  • Analyze: Measure your actions on TikTok, which are the contents with the best interaction, formats (live videos, challenges, among others), scope and favorable hours. With this information, analyze, detect problems, and generate improvement reports and adjust your strategy.

Among the advantages of using TikTok is its format that allows the brand to be humanized in the interaction with its customers, you can start with a basic home kit such as a cell phone and a ring of lights, in addition, it has a user base in growth and Google registers the publications in the search results. However, one of its great disadvantages is that the social network can, at any time, block or close the account due to non-compliance with community policies or due to complaints, justified or not, from the competition.”, added the specialist.


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