Six-year-old drowned in pool – The Swedish Work Environment Authority reports the municipality

The Swedish Work Environment Authority has carried out an inspection and is now ready with the investigation. What has emerged in the investigation is classified, but the authority makes the assessment that it is a violation of the Work Environment Act and therefore now reports charges to those responsible in Vellinge municipality.

– I do not yet know the content of the application, but when we get to know about it, we will of course take it into account, says Anders Grundberg, head of education in Vellinge municipality.

In the indictment, the Swedish Work Environment Authority writes that “safety officers have not fulfilled their obligations under the work environment legislation”.

– They have made an assessment and if they feel that we have not fulfilled our obligations, a report must of course be made, says Anders Grundberg.

Six-year-old drowned

It was in August last year as a six-year-old boy died in a drowning accident in Falsterbo during a sports lesson. At the time of the death, three educators cared for 40 children who were in and around the pool where several of the children, including the six-year-old, were not able to swim.

The three educators who were present at the swimming pool at the time of the fatal accident and a principal are already suspected of causing another person’s death through a work environment crime. All persons are still suspects.

– We do not know if the report is aimed at the educators, but we have been in contact with them and offered them support, says Anders Grundberg.

The children were to be divided into groups

Vellinge municipality has previously investigated the accident. The investigation revealed that it is possible that the educators did not have constant supervision of all parts of the pool.

The class with 40 children would be divided into two groups during the sports lesson, where only one group would be in the pool at a time. Despite this, all the children with three educators were in the pool at the same time.

– We developed new guidelines in February where it is specified how many adults there should be in a group of children, that there should be a risk and impact analysis, a clear division of responsibilities and a survey of the children’s swimming skills, says Anders Grundberg.

In the clip below, the then acting head of education in Vellinge municipality talks about the grief at the school the day after the drowning accident.

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The memorial site next to the bathing site where the six-year-old drowned. Photo: Johanna Olofsson

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