Sizzling AirPods Pro: You have a little more time to enjoy the replacement schedule

After some disappointments encountered by several products designed before October 2020, Apple has decided to expand its AirPods Pro replacement program. It now goes from two years to three years to get replacement headphones in case of problems.



It is with the utmost discretion that Apple has updated its support pages to the delight of some users. As the site spotted Mac4Ever, the Apple brand has extended the support period for defective AirPods Pro from two to three years.

Launched at the end of 2019, Apple’s true wireless headphones with active noise reduction (ANC) experienced some disappointments on the first models produced. These were victims of breakdowns, crackles or a functional absence of the ANC.

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Apple AirPods Pro

Precise eligibility conditions

Be careful, however, this program does not apply to all AirPods Pro owners, but those whose models have been “Manufactured before October 2020”. If this is your case, you can use the specific warranty period to obtain a new model within three years of purchase (maximum until October 2023).

To take advantage of this replacement program, your product must nevertheless be eligible under very specific conditions indicated by Apple: “Presenting crackling or static noises that increase in intensity in a noisy environment, during a workout or during a phone call, improper operation of noise reduction technology, including causing a drop in bass sound or an increase in background sounds (eg, those produced by traffic or an airplane ”.

You must then go to an Apple Authorized Service Center, make an appointment at an Apple Store, or contact brand support to have your product reviewed. The earpiece (s) concerned will then be replaced free of charge.

In other words, a broken case, damaged headphones or a failure following a fall are not among the criteria used to obtain a brand new product. Apple also specifies that this does not extend the duration of the standard warranty of AirPods Pro.

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