SJM: They catch him in pursuit and find 18 kilos of marijuana in a car

Ericson Segundo Sánchez Villanueva (22), was intervened in a pursuit on foot by the South Pan-American, in San Juan de Miraflores. In the car he was driving, more than 18 kilos of marijuana were found, which was going to be distributed in several districts.

This was intervened by Depincri Barranco-Chorrillos detectivesat the height of atocongo bridgein Pamplona 1.

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In full diligence to achieve his capture, a policeman of said unit, fell to the track and he was hurt in the head. He was taken to a nearby hospital. Shortly before the intervention, this subject and his accomplices unloaded some boxes with said substance and this aroused the suspicions of the police.

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The intervened, who has complaints for fraud and disobedience to authorityHe was taken to police headquarters.

He snatches a woman’s cell phone on the bus and they catch him at the bus stop

On the fly it was that Diego Alonso Huarancca Cruzate (23), was opportunely caught by police officers from the Pamplona 1 police station, for stealing the cell phone from a passenger on a public transport bus, in San Juan de Miraflores.

This boy got on the bus public transport out the back door. He saw the woman with the cell phone in her hands and snatched it from her at shoulder height. whereabouts 14 of the San Juan prolongation avenue.

After the arrest, the victim fully recognized the individual and was able to recover the precious cell phone.

The suspect was transferred to Depincri San Juan de Mirafloresfor investigations.

‘The interns of the South’ assaulted motorcycle taxis with weapons

Agents from Depincri San Juan de Miraflores, alleged members of the gang ‘Los Pasantes del Sur’, who used to carry out armed robberies in several districts, were caught in San Juan de Miraflores.

“They had a revolver, ammunition, cell phones and drugs. They are Juan Carlos Quijadas Navarro (40), Carlos Aldair Flores Pajares (23) and Wilian Juniors Cardenas Sillocca (34), who in two motorcycle taxis and a linear motorcycle assaulted in Villa María del Triunfo, Chorrillos, Villa El Salvador and San Juan de Miraflores”, He said Colonel PNP Walter Palomino, chief of the South Police Division 2.

Several of the armed robberies were recorded by security cameras and were turned over to the police.

They will be investigated for crimes of illegal possession of weapons, micro-marketing of drugs.

Thieves assault day and night in an entire neighborhood

Criminals do their thing day and night. Taking advantage of the little traffic, two armed robbers chased and assaulted three brothers when they arrived at their home in San Juan de Miraflores.

The criminals, who are anxiously awaiting victims to rob, saw three brothers chatting nonchalantly and intercepted them in the block 8 of the jirón Juan Peña.

“They were chased around, one of them even fell on a construction mound, and they were mugged. they were robbed cell phones and wallets. This block has become very unsafe.” said a neighbor, who preferred not to be identified for fear of reprisals.

The next day they robbed a young man of his belongings, who was going out to work. A tall, skinny guy arrives, and another of medium build.

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