Slack vs. Microsoft Teams: EU will probably examine Office integration

Microsoft Teams has become one of Microsoft’s most important products. The communication solution from the Redmond company was not the first of its kind, among other things, Slack was much earlier. And now the EU is probably taking a closer look at the matter.

Microsoft is a regular guest in Brussels, hardly any other company gets to feel the skepticism of the European Union as often as the Redmond company. It will probably be that time again soon, because the EU cartel authorities will in all probability take a look at whether Microsoft has lawfully integrated its Teams communication software into the Office package or not.

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Specifically, this is a complaint from Slack. Like the news agency Reuters reported, the Teams competitor, which belongs to Salesforce, complained about Microsoft to the European Commission last year. It is believed that the Redmond company unfairly made its own application part of Office.

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Slack’s demand is clear: the European Union wants Microsoft Teams to be separated from the rest of the Office package. The EU Commission has had the issue on its radar for a long time. A series of questionnaires was sent out in October last year, and further inquiries of this kind followed in the past month. According to insiders, this is a sign that a formal investigation is about to take place is initiated. “The Commission is reviewing (Microsoft’s) interoperability and bundling, but this time in more detail. They’re looking for information that will allow them to define mitigations,” an insider told Reuters. Another person confirms this: “They are preparing the way for an investigation.”

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Office, chat, office 365, teams, microsoft 365, microsoft teams, microsoft teams logo

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