Slow SSD, BSOD: Users report problem with Windows 11 patch

Slow SSD, BSOD: Users report problem with Windows 11 patch

With the latest patch day, there are new problems for users of Windows 11 version 22H2. Among other things, the KB5023706 update causes the SSD to be slower than usual, and the Blue Screen of Death occurs more frequently.

This emerges from various reports from users who have significant problems with the latest Windows 11 patch. The online magazine Windows Latest has collected user complaints and compiled a list of the most common errors.

KB5023706 is a mandatory patch day update for Windows 11 22H2 and as a cumulative update brings many changes. The problems start with the download and installation. Affected people reported problems downloading the update itself and when trying to install the update they get error messages like “0x80070103, 0x8000ffff, 0x80073701, 0x8007007e or 0x800f081f”. These error messages are not helpful. The update usually works after several attempts.

Slow SSD, problems with Bluetooth

According to reports on forums, if the update is successful, a common problem is that the SSD responds slower than usual. In addition, the infamous blue screen, the “Blue Screen of Death” occurs more frequently. Other reported issues include issues with Bluetooth, the system tray, and the intervals between notifications. Incidentally, Microsoft has not yet confirmed any problems with the KB5023706 update. No errors are reported in either the Windows Release Health Dashboard or the Knowledge Base. However, it shouldn’t be long before we get confirmation of the problems from there.

There are no indications as to a possible trigger for the bugs. Remedial measures are also not known. Some users manage by temporarily uninstalling the patch until there is something new from the Windows team.


  • New patch day for Windows 11 22H2: problems with SSD, blue screen of death
  • Users report problems with download, installation and Bluetooth, system tray, notifications
  • Error messages like “0x80070103, 0x8000ffff, 0x80073701, 0x8007007e or 0x800f081f”
  • No confirmation from Microsoft, no indication of triggers yet
  • Update KB5023706 as a cumulative update with many changes

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