Smart Garden: Eve Aqua irrigation control now more robust and quieter

The smart home accessory manufacturer Eve has completely revised its Eve Aqua irrigation control and presented it in a new, third generation. The device, which is connected to water taps, is said to be more robust and quieter.

The third generation of Eve Aqua has a new design in space grey. Inside is a solenoid valve that, according to the manufacturer, should be more durable, better protected against leaks and practically silent in operation. Eve Aqua now uses a connector with a metal thread to connect it to the tap.

With Eve Aqua, garden irrigation can be activated via iPhone, Siri voice control or an integrated button. The system turns itself off. Schedules can be created in the Eve app to automate watering of the garden and patio plants.

The Smart Garden device is Thread compatible and connects via HomeKit via a HomePod Mini or an Apple TV 4K (2nd generation or later) – these are required as a control center.

With the introduction of the Matter smart home standard in the fall, which uses Thread network technology, the Eve device can also be used in other smart home ecosystems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Smartthings. A firmware update is to be provided for this purpose. The fact that Matter will enable various smart home devices to act as a kind of router in the future will also increase the range and reliability of the connections.

According to the manufacturer, Eve Aqua works with all common hose systems and multiple distributors such as those from Gardena or Kärcher and supports up to seven watering times.

The new device requires a minimum pressure of 1 bar and creates up to 5 bar. It is IPX4 water resistant and UV resistant. Two AA batteries are used for operation. Eve Aqua costs around 150 euros.

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