Smart home: Ikea hub Dirigera for a new Standard Matter

The new Smart home hub Dirigera sold. The successor to the previous TRÅDFRI hub should not only master ZigBee, but also the new, manufacturer-independent Matter standard. We got the little device and tried it out. The short test took place in a with home assistant working smart home, in which numerous parts from other manufacturers are used in addition to various Ikea TRÅDFRI components.

It comes in a simple, Ikea-typical cardboard packaging from the shelf to the shopping basket. The previous hub is searched for in furniture stores and online in vain. It is no longer available. The most striking feature on the packaging is the ZigBee logo, but there is no Matter logo!

The first thing to do is to install the new app on an Android or IOS smartphone Ikea home smart to be installed. This is the only way to commission the hub so far.

Brand new and therefore still with less than 10,000 downloads: the new Ikea app

The app then takes over the regime, because it really guides step by step not only through the commissioning of the hub, but later also when adding smart home components.

But first to the hub: Although Wi-Fi is standard with Matter, it has to be connected to the network by cable. A light ring on the top shows the gradual connection to the network and the Internet by lighting up in sectors. After about a minute, the app reports the new hub and informs that it is first doing an update. After a few minutes you can restart the app and start the installation a second time.

Although brand new, the hub needs an update first!

Then you can create the rooms of your smart home: In a list, you simply tick the appropriate room names (living room, bedroom…). Interestingly, the kitchen is missing here. However, you can manually add further room names including suitable symbols. The hub is then named as the first smart home component found.

However, the intensive search in the various menus for a WLAN configuration was unsuccessful: This hub (at least its firmware) does not support WLAN, although there is a WLAN-capable chip (Silicon Labs MGM210L) working inside, among other things. Is it possible that you haven’t quite finished the software development?

Even entries that refer to Matter can not be found in the setting options (so far). How is that supposed to work without WiFi? The following applies here at the moment: Dirigera, it doesn’t matter!

At least you should be able to use the hub as a ZigBee interface. So it went on with the addition of an Ikea Tradfri lamp. Thanks to the really good instructions in the app, this is very easy. For example, a video shows how to bring the lamp into pairing mode by switching it on and off several times. The video shows exactly the required speed and rhythm. You just have to copy it in sync with the picture. The lamp can then also be controlled with the app.

We continued with a window sensor that does not come from Ikea. It was manually switched to pairing. But trying to get the hub or app to work together failed. When adding new components, you can only choose from a list of Ikea products. Devices from other manufacturers are not intended. That sounded completely different with the previous announcements on the subject of Matter (independent of manufacturers). But as I said: It doesn’t matter!

But there was something positive about the Home Assistant: In the meantime, it had discovered a new component called Dirigera, reported this and asked for the configuration of the corresponding integration. This includes entering a key code.

Home Assistant needs a key for the Dirigera hub.

But it is not mentioned where it should come from. Only a little research on the net brought the solution: Two QR codes were found on the underside of the hub. The eight-digit key is printed above the code on the left. I typed that into Home Assistant and the hub was set up, including all the components that had been paired with it so far.

Everything is set up automatically with the key.

Interestingly, the hub was found as a Homekit component, i.e. as a device compatible with the Apple Smarthome protocol. In this respect, something cross-manufacturer Smarthome actually took place.

Home kit from Ikea

All in all, buying the Dirigera hub, which at 59.95 euros is almost three times as expensive as the old Tradfri node, is not (yet) recommended. Let’s give Ikea the time to finish developing the software and only then turn to “Discover the possibilities!”


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