Smart TV sales: €200 discount for this 55-inch QLED

News good plan Smart TV sales: €200 discount for this 55-inch QLED

When looking to change a television, several criteria come into play, whether it is size, connectors or uses. Some will also have their preference as to the technology used. The advantage of sales is that, in general, there is something for everyone.

€799 for this QLED model for the sales

During the sales, there are many opportunities to have fun. Those who follow a bit also know that the Smart TV market is very competitive. Some manufacturers have nothing more to prove, but others like TCL come up with strong arguments.

Buy the TCL C82 at €799 at Boulanger
Buy the TCL C82 at 799€ at E.Leclerc

Today, we found for you this TCL 55C825 model at Boulanger which benefits from a discount of 200€. Released about a year ago and usually sold around 999€, the 2022 summer sales therefore allow you to obtain this model for 799€. We’ll see if it can meet your needs.

TCL 55C825: A QLED Mini-Led that should please you

Released in May 2021, this Qled 4K model has a Mini-Led backlight. In terms of display, the Qled makes it possible to intensify the contrasts, the brightness and the colors. As for the Mini-Led backlighting system, it is designed to multiply the backlighting zones in order to limit as much as possible the halo effects around light objects in particular.

This television is also HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision IQ compatible., but TCL has also made sure to offer Dolby Atmos compatibility thanks to its directly integrated 2.1 soundbar. For this, the Chinese manufacturer has chosen to join forces with Onkyo to develop this sound bar.

The TCL 55C825 is also equipped with a microphone to allow hands-free navigation in the TV interface using Google Assistant. But that’s not all since a camera will also allow you to use your television to, for example, make video calls.

Buy the TCL C82 at €799 at Boulanger
Buy the TCL C82 at 799€ at E.Leclerc

You therefore have in front of you a versatile television that will convince a large part of the family, but if you are a gamer, TCL has thought of you. Thanks to these four 2.1 compatible HDMI ports, you can enjoy the new generation of consoles with complete peace of mind.. Indeed, the TV is capable of supporting the display at 4k and 120 frames per second. You therefore have all the keys in hand to know if this model will be suitable for you.

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