SMITE: Slipknot content coming soon!

SMITE may be discreet, but it is still regularly updated and offers ever more varied content. Players accustomed to the license will probably be surprised by the next content. In addition to being able to embody Greek or Egyptian deities, you can now play the members of the famous metal band Slipknot!

An event and skins from May 17

The famous members of the metal group Slipknot are therefore preparing to join the SMITE arena and this very soon, since the content will be available on PC and consoles from May 17th. You will thus be able to benefit from dedicated events and skins bearing the effigy of the members of the group, erected as playable deities. Here’s what to expect:

The counterculture musical experience created by multi-platinum sound phenomenon and nine-track force of nature, Slipknot, comes to SMITE through this one-of-a-kind crossover event. Team up as members of the Slipknot gang and battle the gods of SMITE!

  • The event takes the form of a single chest with all Slipknot skins and cosmetic packs contained inside.
  • Unlocking chests will progress to a choice chest roll where players can select any item from the chest. After 3 reels, the next (4th) reel will be the Chest Choice
  • All skins will also be available for direct purchase.
  • All Slipknot items will be discounted for the first two weeks of release.
  • Unlock any Slipknot item to unlock the Slipknot theme music!


  • Mick Thomson Chaac Skin
  • Jim Root Chaac Skin
  • Alessandro Venturella Chaac Skin
  • Michael Pfaff Raijin Skin
  • Clown Raijin Skin
  • Jay Weinberg Raijin Skin
  • Corey Taylor Poseidon Skin
  • Sid Wilson Poseidon Skin
  • Craig Jones Poseidon Skin

Cosmetics (contained inside 2 packets)

  • Slipknot jump pad
  • Slipknot Level Up
  • Slipknot loading screen
  • Slipknot Avatar
  • Slipknot Reminder Skin
  • Maggot Player Title
  • Slipknot Theme Music (Achieved by unlocking 3 Slipknot Event Items)

All the content of the May update can be found on the dedicated page. SMITE is a free-to-play multiplayer game available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. A trailer accompanies the launch of additional Slipknot content.

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