So, Alessandro Michele leaves Gucci

It was this fall, in Milan. Alessandro Michele was giving a press conference for a handful of journalists. He had tears in his eyes, after a show made up of the passage of 68 twins, cast all over the world. Even a quarter of an hour after the parade, we all knew that it was going to go down in fashion history.

We are three months later, after a day of leaks and rumours, Gucci confirms the end of its adventure with its prodigious artistic director. Alessandro Michele posts a text on his Instagram account:

“There are times when paths diverge due to the different perspectives each may have”.

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Trends / O – Bouchouchi – 23-11-2022

When this breakup was announced, I couldn’t help but hear Alessandro Michele again, on that day of the press conference last fall, say how much his purpose was not, could no longer be, of create

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