so it goes "miter walk"the new commercial enterprise of Gorina

Mayor Julio Garro reviewed the progress of the “Paseo Miter”, the commercial undertaking that is being built at 485 and 138 in the town of Gorinaand stressed that the premises and offices planned for the work will employ more than two hundred neighbors of the area.

“Paseo Miter is a new venture that arrives in Gorina to promote the neighborhood. More works, more work for the residents and clear rules so that investors continue betting on the City,” said the community chief about the initiative, which already has with an advance greater than 50 percent, and added: “Most of the workers who are in this construction are from the locality”.

The Miter Walk It will include the construction of 24 commercial premises, two offices and a garage with capacity for 65 vehicles in the surroundings of Gorinaan area that has had sustained development in recent years, with the settlement of thousands of families.

“When it’s finished, it’s going to be very important for the residents, because they’re going to be able to walk around, shop and work, all close to their homes,” Garro emphasized, adding: “This is what we’re looking for with La Plata Reactiva; to generate the conditions so that more and more can open their shops or start works without obstacles”.

“Projects of this type speak of a city that does not stop growing, of private investors who choose the city to develop,” Garro assessed, and concluded: “With each business that opens, we get closer to that multicentric city project that we are betting on , where families can solve all their needs close to home and where the municipality accompanies and promotes the development of each neighborhood”.

During the tour of the space located at 485 and 138, the La Plata president was accompanied by the local Planning Secretary, Mary Botta; the provincial deputy, Fabian Perechodnik; the architects Julia Molina Y Jorge Sanchezand the developer Valentin Lopez Gastessi.

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