So real it confuses: China mistakenly spies a hypersonic plane that will appear in Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise on board a motorcycle with a jacket that has patches of United States flags is an image that immediately transports us to the eighties. And if we add to that Jennifer Connelly Already Val Kilmerimmediately starts playing Take My Breath Away of Berlin.

These are all items that will appear in Top Gun: Maverick. This is the second installment of this spectacular film that arrives no less than 36 years later. It would only be necessary for them to add to Meg Ryan and Kelly McGillis; goddesses of popular culture.

The only thing we have seen is the trailer and we already know that the film, directed by Joseph Kosinskiwho was just 12 years old at the premiere of the first film, kept the essence of the typical eighties film. However, aircraft technology cannot be the same.

In the middle of 2022 and without the presence of a Cold War as it happened in 1986, it was time for the seventh art made use of all the Hollywood toys to make props that stage what a battle would be like in the air in this post-pandemic world.

And the use of that technology was so real that apparently the Chinese government was alerted and changed the focus of one of its satellites to photograph a hypersonic aircraftthinking that it was actually a US Air Force aircraft.

China’s effort for a myth that appears in Top Gun

The confidential notes that the information comes from one of the producers of the tape, Jerry Bruckheimer. This filmmaker assures that the North American Navy told him that “a Chinese satellite turned and went to a different route to photograph that plane. They thought it was real.”

The plane they photographed is a full-scale design, but it is not capable of flight. This prototype was built by the renowned aircraft manufacturer Skunk Works directed by Lockheed Martin.

International security and espionage agencies have long been after confirmation of a suborbital and hypersonic spy plane which they call SR-72. The cited media says that in 2013 there was information that this device was real, but it was never confirmed.

There are only illustrations of the aircraft, which we share on our cover, which until now have only served to Top Gun: Maverick use it for science fiction.

The second installment of Top Gun will finally hit theaters on May 26.

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