So she can’t find a man – “Princess” Patrizia is looking for her prince

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“Princess” Patrizia is looking for prince charming

Stuttgart – Single woman Patrizia Sabato (26) cannot find a man. Not in the club, not on the net. Now it should work as a princess!

The sales employee slips into the pompous robe – with pearl jewelry and a little crown on her head. So she wants in the Joyn Show “Love is King” find her prince charming. “In an opulent ball gown you are not just reduced to the body,” she says to BILD.

The Stuttgart native has been single for more than three years and has had two steady relationships so far. Most advances come across Instagram. “I often get videos from men who want to get to know me. Once in the video, a man ate candy and then asked, ‘They’re cute, but not as cute as you. Can I have your number?'”

Other men want to go on vacation with Patrizia and would pay for everything. “Stuttgart men are funny. Either they have exaggerated interest, narrow me down quickly and are total fans. Or they show little interest and don’t try at all. Mediocrity is missing.”

Patrizia has dated three men this year. All riveting!

Photo: Michael Hahn

Now the 26-year-old is looking for her dream prince on “Love is King”. How is he supposed to be? “I like men who are confident and have goals. Someone who is positive, upbeat and makes me laugh.”

Maybe that applies to Stuttgart’s Jesaia (26)? The Stuttgarter is on the show as a prince. He says: “If the princess is not aloof and is also nice to employees, she has a good chance with me!”

Nice prince!  Jesaja Odjo (26) is looking for his fairytale princess on

Nice prince! Jesaja Odjo (26) is looking for his fairytale princess on “Love is King”.

Photo: Nadine Rupp/iStock/ProSieben/Joyn

He likes to spend his free time in the gym, plays table tennis or travels. The business psychology student from Stuttgart: “I usually get to know my girlfriends through my circle of acquaintances – but the right one wasn’t there yet.”

He always needs a lot of time to get involved in a relationship, doesn’t think much of dating apps. He cannot describe exactly what his dream woman looks like. He only reveals this much: “So far, many of my girlfriends have had brown hair.”

The show will be hosted by drag queen Olivia Jones. She: “We want to make it easier for young people to fall in love in a safe atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, by trying the good old way again. Instead of fumbling half-naked and naughty in the pool, ‘Love is King’ means strolling around the castle pond in decent clothes.”

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