So you can measure the performance of your computer’s CPU without installing any program

Many Internet users use programs to check and measure the performance of the CPU or processor of their computers, however, currently there are online tools that do not require installation, such as online benchmarks.

Benchmarks or performance tests They are programs that are in charge of stressing the CPU to the maximum during a very short period of time to know what its performance and power are.according to the report published on the website of hard zone.

These tools also They help us to know if our PC is well configured to take full advantage of the processor and confirm that the hardware that the manufacturer advises that we have installed is indeed the one that the computer has.

Now, rather than installing these applications that take up space on our hard drive, a better option is to use online performance tests: we only need to be connected to the Internet to use them.

What are online benchmarks

Online benchmarks, basically, They are pages that load a program in the form of a web application, which is temporarily stored in our RAM and is actually executed from the computer and not remotely.. Then the operating system will free the memory.

A good example is Expert CPUa benchmark that allows us to measure the performance of the CPU in a more complete way and that is based on executing a decryption algorithm to check the power of the processor.

Expert CPU

This test progressively increases the workload and makes it execute more and more processes. Before starting, the web asks for the model of our processor and what we want to use the benchmark for.

It can run on PC processors and on Apple and Android devices. In addition, it includes a processor stress test that makes the evaluation more complete.

Expert CPU

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