So you can receive money from abroad in the OXXO

So you can receive money from abroad in the OXXO

oxxo has become one of the preferred alternatives for the people who need to make deposits or withdrawals just like him payments for services such as electricity, water and telephonehowever Did you know that you can receive money from abroad?

For that reason, in The Truth News we will explain how can you receive money from abroadwhich are the requirements as well as what is the maximum amount that allow you to withdraw.

Likewise, you can receive money in Oxxo through Western Union, XOOM, MoneyGram, Remitly, RIA, Vigo, Orlandi Valuta, Intermex, Barri, Dolex, Intercambio Express, Maxi Transfer, Follow, Viamericas and many others.

How to receive money from abroad in the OXXO?

The maximum amount to withdraw in the Oxxo is 3 thousand pesos

If you wish receive money from abroad from the Oxxoyou only have to comply with the following requirements:

  • Transfer Number
  • Official Identification

It should be noted that the maximum amount to withdraw in the Oxxo It is 3 thousand pesos Meanwhile he service is available in a schedule of 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day.

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Which banks have withdrawal in Oxxo?

So you can receive money from abroad in the OXXO

The service is available from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm every day.

If you want to make a withdrawal in the box of an Oxxo, below we present the list of banks that have this service:

  • BBVA: All debit cards.
  • Citibanamex: All debit cards and Saldazo cards.
  • Scotiabank: All debit cards.
  • Bancoppel: All debit cards.
  • Banco Azteca: All debit cards.
  • Santander: All debit cards.
  • Banjército: All debit cards.
  • Banregio: All debit cards.
  • Affirm: All debit cards.
  • SMG Box: All debit cards.
  • Invex: All debit cards.
  • HSBC: All debit cards.

Remember that it maximum that you can reiterate in a Oxxo is 2 thousand pesosHowever, the service is subject to the availability of cash in the box.

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