Soaring prices of seasonal fruits and vegetables

For months, Algerian citizens have been facing soaring prices for all food products. Consequently a purchasing power which is diminishing day by day with prices reaching peaks. Fruits and vegetables, which are an integral part of the Algerian diet, are experiencing a meteoric rise, even for seasonal products.

The series of high prices for vegetables and fruits in Algeria continues. The various markets in the country are still experiencing record levels these days, especially with seasonal vegetables. This raises the astonishment of consumers, but also of fruit and vegetable merchants, and this given the availability of many products during the summer season.

In recent days, the price of tomatoes was between 120-160 dinars, while these are seasonal fruits; while the price of sweet peppers is between 100 and 130 dinars and the green pepper has reached 200 dinars. As for the carrot, its price varies between 60 and 70 Algerian dinars. There are also green beans, which sell for no less than 160 dinars, even though it is a summer season vegetable.

What pushes citizens to ask questions is the fact that these fruits and vegetables are in season but that the prices do not drop.

As Aid Al-Adha approaches, sheep sold at exorbitant prices

Current market prices for sheep have skyrocketed and according to a sheep breeder in the Wilaya of Ain Defla, the price of sheep varies between 35,000 and 45,000 Da, while lamb prices are between between 30,000 Da and 40,000 Da. For the price of sheep, it starts at 50,000 Da and can reach 90,000 Da or more.

According to Ibrahim Amrani, Algerian citizens have started to go to the sheep markets, but only to find out about the prices of the latter, specifying that the price of sheep can reach 100,000 Da for a large sheep in good physical condition.

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