Soaring prices: the Minister of Agriculture speaks again

After having been repeatedly discussed by the Head of State during the government-wali meeting and the Council of Ministers, the subject relating to speculation and soaring prices is still relevant today.

Indeed, President Tebboune had strongly denounced and threatened the speculators who constitute according to him the main reason for the high price of food products, and this, by declaring that they risk md sentences of up to 30 years in prison. Today, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development also did not hesitate to

By qualifying them as destabilizers of “public order”, Abdelhamid Hamdani reiterated during his appearance on the program L’Invite de la Rédaction, the responsibility of speculators in the current crisis linked to food products.

The creation of a mixed commission

“There are political aims behind recent speculation. We cannot claim this type of operation with a duplication of prices within 48 hours, when the availability of the product has not been impacted, ”he declared.

As a result, a mixed commission was set up in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce in order to follow “meticulously this phenomenon, the scale of which is unprecedented, which once again proves its ambitions to destabilize public order”, he added. let know the host of channel 3 of the national radio.

According to the same source, this commission will be “active at both central and local level. “

Import reduction

Speaking on the projects under his department, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development indicated that his sector is committed to reducing the import bill in order to ensure food security.

“We have tried to reduce the import of oils, our roadmap is being realized on the ground, it is enough to see in the first place the launching of one of the oilseed sectors, namely the rapeseed which begins to give his results. », He indicated.

According to the interlocutor, Algeria aims to reduce the import bill to 2 billion dollars by 2024, by opening the doors to investments and by debureaucratizing the economic act.

“Out of an examination of 200 investor files, 70 turn out to be eligible, 50 of which are already installed on their plots and have started work. However, on an area that would exceed 80,000 hectares on an initial portfolio of 200,000 hectares, I consider these results to be cautious, given all the facilities offered by our structures ”he concluded.

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