Social media hype about the “Elevator Boys” – have you ever had sex in the elevator?

The so-called “Elevator Boys” are currently everywhere: from one talk show to the next – but above all in social networks.

Because that’s how Tim Schaecker (22), Jacob Rott (21), Bene Schulz (20), Luis Freitag (22) and Julien Brown (21) became known: through their videos in elevators on the TikTok platform.

BILD met her for an interview.

BILD: It actually didn’t start in an elevator, but in a parking lot. Right?

Bene: “That’s right. In a parking lot where an elevator bordered. And first we made videos in the parking lot and then we went over to the elevator and there was a very good light. And that’s when the first elevator video was made. “

BILD: Can you make a living from your videos?

Luis: “In fact, because we now do this full-time and actually sit at it from morning to evening, we can now make a living from it – for which we are very, very, very grateful. We have turned our hobby into a profession and there is actually nothing better. “

BILD: How many inquiries do you get per week?

Tim: “Well, it is actually very different – also from all of us always individually. We only accept things or implement cooperation with partners who we also want to support, who we think are cool, who we ourselves, from whom we have already tested the products or whatever. We only want to promote things that we find good ourselves. We wouldn’t approve of things that we don’t like. “

Jacob: “Well, we tend to reject more things than we assume.”

Apart from Julien, who is happy with his girlfriend Angelina, the Elevator Boys are single.

BILD: Do you get in each other’s way with the woman type or do you all have different tastes?

Tim: “Yes, sometimes we have the same point of view about certain things.”

Jacob: “The same views.”

Tim: “But there haven’t been any serious collisions yet.”

Jacob: “No, so there hasn’t been a specific incident yet. I think we (Tim & Jacob) find the same attractive. Well, then it doesn’t matter whether the lady has blonde or brown hair, or red hair, green, blue, whatever. I think if that certain something is there, then we feel it. ”

BILD: Have you already had sex in the elevator?

Good: “Listen! So, um. “

Julien: “Well, well … sex in the elevator is a bit difficult, I think. Well, the (elevator) doesn’t take that long from the ground floor to the first floor or something. I can definitely answer the question in the negative – definitely for me. “

Tim: “Well, I think that has never happened to any of us.”

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