Sofia breaks maternity leave – at gala party with Silvia!

Time for Sofia to plan the gala and start polishing the tiara: On Tuesday we will see her at Queen Silvia’s side again!

After the commercial: Princess Sofia’s radiance – takes Victoria’s place next to the king


Then Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, 73, and his wife Jenni Haukio, 45, will come to Sweden on a state visit, which means that Sofia will once again have to shoulder the role of princess and step out and represent the Royal Family.

Her time at home full time with Prince Julian is thus beginning to be phased out and this gala dinner for the President of Finland is one of the most important missions of the spring.

Prince Julian has turned fourteen months old, and he is the youngest prince in the fraternity of three. Prince Gabriel is four and Prince Alexander has recently turned six.

Most likely that Sofia and Carl Philip are full at home!

The whole prince family on the couch.

Photo: Elisabeth Toll / Royal Courts of Justice

From time to time, however, they have the help of their nanny Rebecca Berg, and they also have housewife Keria Said in their service.

But what does a housewife do? Yes, if nanny Rebecca is focused on children, then the household is in focus for Keria Said.

The couple’s housewife Keria Said.

Erik Simander / TT

The court has not provided any further information about her role at Villa Solbacken – but a housewife is traditionally responsible for the household and is in charge of the staff who take care of the cleaning.

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip simply have some form of help with the puzzle of life at home.

Photo: Linda Broström / Royal Courts of Justice, Sara Friberg / Royal Courts of Justice, Elisabeth Toll / Royal Courts of Justice, TT.

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