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Sofia copied Victoria’s successful look during the gala: “Daring!”

Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia

From Victoria’s inspo. To the late call from Sofia’s stylist. Here is the whole story behind Princess Sofia’s successful look!

After the commercial: From party princess to royalty – see Sofia’s style journey!


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Victoria has her style. And Sofia a look all her own.

But last night it happened: Sofia made a knockout success – in an outfit that took inspiration from the statement skirt that Victoria wore in May.

And it was no accident!

But look – here, Princess Sofia and Crown Princess Victoria are like two berries.

Photo: TT

The star designer behind these magnificent skirts is Swedish MaxJenny Forslund – and her evening wear has taken the royal family by storm. Victoria was first on the ball, and since Monday a MaxJenny skirt is also hanging in the wardrobe at Princess Sofia’s home at Villa Solbacken.

– I am extremely happy that Princess Sofia has made this choice! says MaxJenny when we reach her hours after Sofia’s style success at the Funkisfestivalen last night.

Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

– This is a slightly different look for Sofia, and a slightly daring choice, because you make such a fantastic entrance in this skirt. She has stepped up!

– Then it was great that Princess Sofia wore a basic black top – just like the Crown Princess did last spring. When you match my garments, you don’t have to be very dramatic, it’s the skirt that is snackable and does the talking.

MaxJenny Forslund – the designer behind Princess Sofia’s evening dress

The Queen of Prints: MaxJenny Forslund in her own high persona.

Photo: Anna Hållams

Did you know Sofia was going to show up in your skirt yesterday?

– Yes, it was specially delivered to her, and the special order actually only arrived last Friday evening. But we are like little weasels here behind the scenes!

So you offered it to Villa Solbacken?

– Well, exactly. And I am so very happy that she felt so beautiful in it, she shines!

– My customers often tell me what empowerment they get from my clothes. You should feel expensive and delicious and safe, and radiate that you own everything! They are perfect if you are going to be on stage or be a little extra in the spotlight – as Princess Sofia did yesterday.

– Sofia’s stylist Lotta Carlsen and Victoria’s stylist Tina Törnqvist do a magical job, both of them. I think they are so talented. And the crown princess in particular is the world’s ambassador for Swedish design. She does it with such style.

Princess Sofia’s stylist Lotta Carlsen…

Photo: Karin Törnblom/TT

…and Tina Törnqvist, who looks after Crown Princess Victoria’s wardrobe.

Photo: TT

And don’t miss out on the pattern on the skirt – a classic MaxJenny print with a special story:

– I take photos with my sweet little iPhone wherever I am, and then I cut and paste. This particular print that you see on Princess Sofia’s skirt comes from a church roof in a small village in Sicily, says MaxJenny Forslund.

So there you have it – the story behind the look.

Stylish, Sofia! And check out the print – with images from a church roof in Sicily! A skirt that is also available in blue, powder pink and champagne.

Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

And Sofia herself was lyrical:

– What a wonderful start to autumn!

Photo: TT.