Sofia’s change on the luxury gift from the king – worth millions

The valuable gift worth millions looked different!

On Wednesday, there was a big gala dinner at the castle due to the Spanish royal couple’s state visit and no luxury and glamor was spared.

The royals had picked out their most dramatic garments and jewelry to be able to shine properly, but the one who stole the show overall was Princess Sofia. In a beautiful white dress that looked like it was sewn just for her, she stole by Carl Philips’ side.

On her head she wore her well-known wedding tiara, the one she received from the king and queen as a gift for the big day six years ago.

But whoever pays attention can notice a certain difference from the first time we saw her wear it. Then it was adorned with emeralds, but they were gone during Wednesday’s banquet and replaced with pearls. This is not the first time we have seen Sofia replace the “tops” of her tiara, she also did so at the Nobel banquet and the subsequent royal dinner with all the Nobel laureates the day after. Then she first added blue stones and the day after what looked like diamonds.

Princess Sofia received the palmette tiara for her wedding day.

Photo Anna-Lena Ahlström,

She wore it to the state banquet on Wednesday.

Jonas Ekstromer / TT

Princess Sofia’s tiara has been valued by the jewelry site Jewellery, who calls it Princess Sofia’s palmette tiara. They estimate the value of the tiara at approximately SEK 40 million. A really lavish gift from the parents-in-law in other words, and fun that she uses it so often!

Princess Sofia during the Nobel Banquet at City Hall in Stockholm 2019.

Anders Wiklund / TT

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The fourth look we’ve seen, so far!

Christine Olsson / TT

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