Sofia’s glamor shock next to Letizia – at the royal lunch

Princess Sofia and Queen Letizia do it again – see their double glamor shock at the royal lunch!

Letizias barbierosa kappa. And Princess Sofia’s shiny and deeply décolletéed silk jacket. Yes, what a royal glamor shock it was at lunch in Stockholm City Hall!

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Princess Sofia Prince Carl Philip Lunch Stockholm City Hall White jacket

Princess Sofia in her sharp party jacket.

Henrik Montgomery/TT

Queen Letizia pink coat State visit Stockholm

However, Queen Letizia took the glamor award with her barber pink coat.

Henrik Montgomery/TT

The entire Swedish-Spanish entourage was in place, which meant two queens, two kings, two princesses and two princes. Sofia and Carl Philip, however, had to wait for a while before the other royal limousines slipped in.

Daniel Carl Philip Sofia Letizia Felipe State visit to Spain

Everyone looks short next to 197 centimeters long King Felipe!


The state visit lunch is a long and appreciated tradition, and a chance for the royal family to showcase one of Stockholm’s most beautiful and well-known places.

The city of Stockholm is the host and the 70 guests got to enjoy a delicious three-course menu in the Golden Hall: Perch fillet with horseradish and smoked onion, herb-baked red deer with sherry vinegar cloud and “cared for summer strawberries” with lemon verbena and vanilla.

State visit to Spain Lunch Stockholm City Hall

70 guests at round tables in the magnificent Golden Hall.

Sara Friberg / The Royal Courts of Justice

King King Felipe Lunch City Hall State visit Spain

The kings have lunch of fallow deer and perch. The President Andreas Norlén (far left) is a little sweaty today, but also took the time to join.


Spanish state visit: Crown Princess Victoria’s look

Crown Princess Victoria checkered dress lunch Stockholm City Hall State visit to Spain

Crown Princess Victoria, today in a checkered dress.

Henrik Montgomery/TT

But while Victoria and Sofia had the morning off and got a chance to breathe a sigh of relief after the gala dinner yesterday, it was full blown from early morning for the queen duo Silvia and Letizia.

They started directly with a seminar at the castle on language, literature and translation as a bridge between cultures, something that especially seems to engage Queen Letizia. And Queen Silvia summed it up nicely in her speech:

– The literature reminds us that there is always more that unites us people than that separates us.

Queen Victoria Queen Letizia

Queen Silvia opted for a warm and stylish Chanel look, next to Letizia’s pale pink dress.

Jessica Gow/TT

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Photo: TT, Sara Friberg / The Royal Courts of Justice.

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