SOKO Hamburg: Two new faces in the ZDF series

It will happen in the coming season personnel changes at “SOKO Hamburg”. The main roles are played by Marek Erhardt (Criminal Inspector Oskar Schütz), Paula Schramm (Criminal Inspector Franzi Berger) and Anna von Haebler (Chief Inspector Lena Testorp), who is returning from maternity leave, which she went on during the fourth season. In addition, Thiago Braga de Oliveira joins the cast, who will investigate as police officer Luiz Vieira dos Santos. Added to that Oceana Mahlmanwho was previously known primarily as a singer and now joins the team as colleague Ella Hansen. Farewell to the series Pegah Ferydoni (alias SOKO head Sarah Khan) and Garry Fischmann (alias chief inspector Max Nordmann) will meet.

SOKO Hamburg: New episodes from January 2023

Based on the scripts by Katja Töner, Tarek Roehlinger, Karen Riefflin and others, the new episodes will be directed by Tarek Roehlinger, Sophie Averkamp, ​​Lynn Oona Baur and Philipp Klinger. The series is produced by Network Movie film and television production. Lasse Scharpen acts as producer, Pauleena Liccini as producer. Like the previous seasons, the season was shot in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. From January 2, 2023, the episodes can be seen every Monday at 6:00 p.m. The current episode is already available in the ZDFmediathek a week beforehand – so the season will start online on December 26, 2022.

The new round begins with the episode “The Window to Space”. In it, the future astronaut Maja Kuchenbecker falls from the viewing platform of the Hamburg Planetarium and dies immediately. Everything indicates that she was pushed. Her ex-husband Frieder Kuebecker is in despair and does not know how to teach his little son Noah, who has lived with him since the separation. Even during her lecture in the planetarium, Maja was repeatedly disturbed by an unknown female booer. Maja’s competitor, Judith Korten, quickly came under suspicion. Both women were the last applicants for a flight to the ISS space station. The young environmental activist Lucy Randel can eventually be identified as a disruptive visitor to the planetarium. But is she also Maja’s murderess? In the meantime, Leif Schatteburg, head of a private clinic, has turned out to be Maja’s doctor and generous sponsor, who wanted important medical data from her for his financial support. But was she really still suitable for space travel after temporary eye problems? In fact, Leif Schatteburg had asked for his money back on the evening of the crime. Was there an argument, or is he telling the truth that Maja wanted to give up her dream?

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