SOKO Leipzig: Johannes Hendrik Langer is the new commissioner

The actor Johannes Hendrik Langer (36) is excited about the reactions of the audience before his first appearance in the “SOKO Leipzig”. Langer joins the team of investigators as Inspector Moritz Brenner. The first episode with him can be seen on ZDF this Friday. “People will have an opinion, you have to get used to it. On the other hand, today everyone gets a rating: journalists for texts, restaurants for food, doctors. In that respect, it may not be anything special anymore. But not reading the comments – I’m not that cool yet, “said Langer.

His character in the long-running crime thriller is described as an offensive guy. “Moritz Brenner tries to be very controlled and correct, but there is a lot of distrust of my figure, especially at the beginning,” said Langer. “He enjoys the power that his position brings with it. I hope that in the future he will relax a little, be a little more humorous and a little more relaxed.” For Commissioner Brenner, the situation is almost the same as in the “SOKO” team in reality. “I’m new to it. And everyone has their own strategies for dealing with it.”

In “Das Ewige Leben (1)”, Ina (Melanie Marschke) and Kim (Amy Mußul) chase a man with a Bent Brenner (Till Wonka) who shot a dealer and is now on the run with illegal growth hormones. Even if Brenner identifies himself as a colleague from the BKA Berlin – Ina doesn’t know whether she can trust him. Moritz Brenner is also somehow involved in the case …

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