Solar plane flies for 3 weeks without interruption

The solar powered Airbus Zephyr flew for almost 3 weeks without landing. The unmanned Zephyr completed 6 test flights – 2 took place in the stratosphere and 4 in low height instead of. A single stratospheric flight lasted 18 days.

Airbus assumes that the plane, which is equipped with 2 small propellers, could even stay in the air for several months at a time, and commercial customers and the military with it Internet could supply. The goal of Airbus is to build the Zephyr half a year to send in one piece in the air. “Our batteries are performing really well,” says Jana Rosenmann from Airbus. Achieving 3 months would be quite feasible in the next step.

Internet supply and earth surveillance

Zephyr uses sunlight to fly and charge its batteries – so it doesn’t consume any fuel or emit any carbon. Basically, be the Zephyr laut E&T cheaper and more environmentally friendly than a satellite. Due to its long flight performance, the solar plane could also be used in the area of ​​the Disaster management used, among other things, by monitoring the spread of wildfires or oil spills.

According to Rosenmann, the aircraft can generally be used in those areas of earth surveillance where it is needed. In addition, those people could also be supplied with the Internet who cannot reach broadband Internet.

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