Solar storm creates a spectacular play of light


On Saturday, a massive occurred on the Earth-facing side of the sun solar flare, on Monday the effects also made themselves felt on earth. The US Weather and Oceanographic Agency National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) classified the solar storm as an event of the category G2that is moderately strong.

Solar storms of this magnitude can, among other things, affect satellites in Earth orbit and also cause disruptions in the power grid. But you can also be responsible for the occurrence of Northern lights concerns that are usually only seen at higher latitudes near the North or South Pole. On Monday they were visible as far as New York and the American Midwest, as reported by

The photographer Randy Halverson took a spectacular picture of the northern lights on Monday in the US state of South Dakota, which he published on Twitter:

Such solar storms are common space events because the sun is regular coronal mass ejections emitted. They consist of electrically charged plasma, which, depending on how it is spat out by the sun, can also hit the earth’s magnetosphere. Then the charged parts move to the poles of the earth and there release energy as colored light.

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