Solari acts as a journalist and steals the film at Rojas’ conference

New week in Colo Colo, therefore, new press conferences. Today it was the turn of Jeyson Rojas, who faced the media, however there was an appearance that stole the film.

Pibe Solari decided to attend this round of questions and anxiously awaited his turn to raise a question with his partner. “Hello Jeyson, nice to meet you, this is Pablo Solari from Río Segundo,” the Argentine began.

The question is question, between laughs, was the following, “How does it feel to have Pablo Solari as a partner?”. Given this, and the smile of Jeyson Rojas, the Chilean side answered the following.

“Good afternoon, the taste is yours. Well, it is very nice, exhausting, too much, he already has me flat. Thank God I am doing everything to separate myself from him. Thank you very much”, express.

A moment that graphs the current situation of the squad at the football level as well as in the camaraderie. The atmosphere in Macul is the best after a stormy 2020 that has already been forgotten.

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