Solari and Cruz laugh out loud on F1 day at the Monumental

Colo Colo lives happy days and it shows in the environment. The victory against Everton that allowed them to lift the Chile Cup, was added an important 6-0 win by the women’s team over Deportes Iquique. With a bright present and an auspicious future at the Monumental, they want to continue the streak of good results and continue scoring points this week.

The success of both campuses is the hand of their technical directors, cheered last weekend, Gustavo Quinteros and Luis Mena, who from their leadership point a lot to serious work and also give space to moments of distraction. As happened today, on an afternoon of games, linked to Formula 1, promoted by one of its sponsors.

Both the soccer players from the stellar teams enjoyed the dynamics and even competed with each other, adding even more joy to Casa Alba. To the good vibes caused by the games, the role of Pablo Solari was added, who took over the Cacique’s official Instagram and shared part of the day with the fans.

El Pibe, was shown with his companions: Luciano Arriagada, Vicente Pizarro, Joan Cruz who gave them to him as a journalist and even interviewed Luis Mena; There was also time to share with María José Urrutia and Gisela Pino figures of the women’s tournament.

The most emotional moment was lived when they connected with Ivan Morales who is in the concentration of the Chilean team and was able to talk with a large part of his teammates, receiving the jokes of Maximiliano Falcón and Jeyson Rojas.

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