Solari hallucinates with the affection of the fans: "They make you want to play more"

After arriving without making his professional debut and as a bet recommended by Walter Lema, Gustavo Quinteros’ assistant, Pablo Solari became one of the most destabilizing players that Colo Colo has and has been a real shock in close matches.

He has had to go through a tough process to reach this position, moving away from his family in times of pandemic being very young and in an unknown country. “I had been away from my family, but not as much as now. I was received in a very good way in Colo Colo. Surprised, because out there there is some pike between Argentina and Chile, I thought they would receive me in another way, but it was very good ”, valued in conversation with TNT Sports.

He also commented on how his adaptation to the group was in the midst of the worst sporting crisis in the club’s history. “The references that were at that time in Colo Colo, such as the Mago Valdivia, Esteban Paredes, Julio Barroso always made me feel that I had no responsibility for anything. That he played as if it were another game, as in the neighborhood. Obviously one does not take it that way, but I tried to be calm “, he narrated.

Solari had to go through a whole process of adaptation, which included a strict physical work to leave behind the cramps he suffered in his first games, something that was addressed by the Argentine.

Pablo Solari thanked all the love he receives from the fans. / PHOTO: Guille Salazar

“I was contracting at first because it was a bit of everything. In Talleres I had not been playing because of the pandemic, Covid caught me before I came, I went downhill for two weeks locked up, I arrived and started playing. There are also the nerves, they were my first games as a professional. It was a bit of everything. It bothered me a lot that that happened to me, I reached 70 minutes, I felt that I could continue and it was frustrating that the twins did not give me more and I could not walk “, he deepened.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest ovations that was heard in the return of the public was the one that El Pibe received, something that filled him with emotion. “It was very nice to have people, it never touched me before. It was very exciting. They make you want to play soccer more. Out of 10, I am very grateful to the people who made me feel affection through social networks and on the court it was extraordinary. Hearing my name gave me goosebumps, it moved me a lot “, he stressed.

Finally, he referred to the words of the president of Talleres de Córdoba, who a few weeks ago claimed to be handling an offer from European football for Solari. The young forward said he did not know anything about it and reiterated that he is comfortable in the albos.

“I have no idea of ​​an offer from Europe, I am on loan at Colo Colo until December. There you will see what decision will be made. Colo Colo has a purchase option and my situation will be seen. Here I feel very comfortable, I am happy. Obviously it depends on many factors, but I would like to stay, consolidate myself, it is a very big club. I want to add the most minutes I can and then, if possible, take a good leap “, Hill.

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