Solid pointer! Colo Colo wins, likes and thrashes Coquimbo Unido to remain the exclusive leader of the tournament

National Championship

The Cacique massacred the pirates thanks to a brace from Juan Martín Lucero, a headed goal from Matías Zaldivia and a great shot from César Fuentes for the 4-0 win at the Monumental. With this, the leadership is recovered exclusively and Argentina is reached in the best possible way to face River Plate for the Copa Libertadores. Confidence through the roof at the right time for the albos.

Lucero registered with a double against the pirates.
© ONE Agency.Lucero registered with a double against the pirates.

Colo Colo is still on the right track in the 2022 National Championship and now he gave an account of Coquimbo Unido, a cast that he thrashed 4-0 at the Monumental Stadium to exclusively regain the lead in the standings.

The duel began with a fairly even process without many danger options in the areas. The Cacique was looking for ways to generate damage to Rodrigo Formento’s bow, but the pirate’s resistance in defense prevented further capsizing.

Only at 19 ‘Colo Colo would arrive with danger, and hitting hard from the start. Ball recovery in midfield and Gill connects with Juan Martín Lucero, who settled near the crescent of the area and with a half turn took out a powerful low cross shot that overcame Formento’s resistance. A great goal to open a close game, noticeably dislodge the pirates and make it 1-0 for the Cacique.

The rival felt the blow and looked for a reaction, but beyond a couple of dangerous centers, they did not generate much in the goal of Brayan Cortés. The albos took advantage of the spaces left in the pirate bottom and thus a new joy arrived on the David Arellano field.

With 31′ on the clock it fell 2-0 to Colo Colo thanks to a solid header from Matías Zaldivia in a corner kick served by Leonardo Gil, who registered with a new assistance in the game. The night was dawning in our house with a Zaldivia that needed this much too much.

El Cacique was unleashed and once again took advantage of Coquimbo’s defensive licenses, scoring another goal at 34′ through a brilliant taquito by Lucero after a good assist from Gabriel Costa. A double for Gato and the 3-0 on the scoreboard that began to seal the victory early.

Colo Colo did not release the accelerator and continued to press down on the rival field. The first half would end up being a monologue for the Cacique, who showed tremendous forcefulness against the rival goal to go comfortably ahead at halftime.


The second half continued with dominance and this was demonstrated at 52′ with a new goal in favor, this time at the feet of César Fuentes, who took advantage of Coquimbana’s poor start and Gil’s good assist to burst Formento’s goal with a powerful shot. It was 4-0 on the scoreboard and it was already a rout for Colo Colo.

After the fourth goal they arrived two changes in the Cacique at 60′ with the departure of Esteban Pavez and Leonardo Gil for Vicente Pizarro and Carlo Villanueva. Fresh legs in the albo midfield for the last half hour of the game.

Coquimbo misplaced badly with the fourth goal against and began to leave too many spaces in the back. Colo Colo took advantage and for long minutes flirted with a new goal with clear goal options from Lucero, Solari and Pizarro.

A new change came 68′ with the departure of Gabriel Suazo, who had to leave the match after suffering a strong challenge from Cristopher Barrera, being replaced by Jeyson Rojas. He also left the field Gabriel Costa for the entry of Cristián Zavala.

The last change occurred at 78′ with the entry of Marcos Bolados for Juan Martín Lucero, who with his double left the court to the applause of the fans on the David Arellano court.

Thus we reached the end of the match, with a great presentation by the Cacique, which was clearly reflected on the scoreboard. A 4-0 in favor that confirms the good moment of the team, serves to return exclusively to the leadership and that leaves the confidence to the fullest thinking about the cupbearer duel against River Plate next week. Obviously, the challenge in Argentina will be bigger words compared to what was seen today, but it is always good to win this way and scoring goals to be up in the mood. Come on albos!

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